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Included in all Wedding Packages

Custom Wedding Timeline

About a month away we will send over a day of timeline to you based on your photography wants

Consultation and Photographer Access

All our consultations are commitment-free meaning you don't have to book with us right then. One-on-one consultations, phone calls, texts, emails , we will be there.

Online Viewing and Printing Gallery

You will have access to a complete high end gallery for you to view all your wedding day memories and even print them off!

In House Editing

Everything is done with a creative touch from us! We edit every photo. Each is handcrafted and catered to you.

Signature Crafted Images

These are those photos that we take time to put a little extra "pizzaz" into.

48 Hour Turnaround

We will get you a sneak peek of your photos within 48 hours.

Second Photographer

I cannot stress enough how much value our second shooters bring. We incorporate second shooters in all our wedding packages except the "Brief".


Take home some instant polaroids with you!

Wedding Photography Packages

"Literally Everything"

for those who want that whole-day coverage and then some! This ensures coverage of everything you could think of! The "All In" package but a lot more!

Black and white photo of a newly-wed couple embracing each other on a bridge



Let your story will unfold like a beautifully scripted poem as we work one-on-one with you to curate something beautiful that you will be able to show everyone.

Audio Guest Book

More than a traditional guestbook. Pick up the phone and leave a message for your guests. 

Super 8 Film

Picture this: your memories captured in that classic Super 8 Film style, oozing with nostalgic vibes. Dating back to the late 1960s, this vintage technique adds a charming touch to your big day, ensuring your moments are preserved in a truly unique way

Disposable Cameras

Much like the assorted and unquie digital cameras of the early 00's, you can never go wrong with the wind up of a disposable camera. All disposable cameras will be set at each table (up to 10). All cameras will be gathered after the reception and the film will be processed and sent with your wedding photos.

Styled (Bridal) Shoot

This is the perfect opportunity to capture those front cover-worthy photos of you and your spouse in your wedding attire. This session can be scheduled either before or after your wedding day, allowing you to focus on enjoying your special day while still obtaining those stunning shots.

Photo Booth

It is definitely one of our favorite ways to give wedding guests a wonderful experience! Our photobooths are non-traditional, equipped with professional lighting, camera quality, and instant printing options. A photo booth by a photographer!

P.S. If we are photographing your wedding you are eligible for a discounted photo booth!

Film Photos

The art of film is a slow, genuine, and nostalgic process... 

Assorted Nostalgic Digital Cameras

Give your guests a blast from the past. Entertainment of early 00's,  point and shoot cameras. Each camera unique, easy to use, and set at each reception table (up to 10) for your guests to take photos of the fun! 

Rehearsal Dinner Coverage

Dreamy/Documentary style photos of speeches, family and friends.

Engagement Session

It is time to announce that rock on your hand with some engagement photos catered to you and your future spouse's personality.

Have a discounted engagement session when you book your wedding photos with us.

Logan and Meghan, TN

"Very professional, easy to work with! Always making sure to capture the moment with amazing candid shots. This guy I am simply amazed at how passionate he is! You will not be wrong to hire him."

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